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Kerry Johnson and Jake Clark of the Mathematics Department put together a simple tutorial. The videos can be found here:

More Blackboard Collaborate

A more detailed series of videos, with screen recording, on Blackboard Collaborate, can be found here:

Other useful tools:

Here are a couple of free programs that were used to make some of the tutorial videos

A simple screen recorder

No matter what platform you are on, there are screen recorders that you can use to make some instructional videos (If all you need is the content of your screen and your voice recorded via microphone)

On Windows 10

You can capture your screen and audio through the Xbox Game Bar (this is just there on many Windows PCs. try Win+G to see if you have it.) Demo

On Mac

You can record your screen using QuickTime or the Screen Record tool built into the screenshot toolbar in up to date machines.

On Linux

SimpleScreenRecorder is great. This is what I used to make the Blackboard Collaborate Videos, seen above.

Open Broadcaster Software (or OBS for short):

Available for Windows/Mac/Linux
Free: https://obsproject.com/
This is great for quickly making videos, or streaming live to various services. Demo